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We are a team of Customer Relations, Psychologist, and IT support who work seamlessly together with, happiness, dedication and honesty. 

Other than our aim to excel in customer care quality,

we believe that working with honesty, having genuine happiness in workplace, and proceeding our tasks wisely are the keys to our continuous growth and lasting partnership with our clients.

“Feedback is breakfast of champions”

- Ken Blanchard -


We see ourselves as Customer & Employee Feedback Facilitator.

We aim to facilitate businesses to better understand their customers

and decision-makers to their employees using actual data insights.

Simply by beginning to actively listen to the provided feedback data,  businesses and corporates

can initiate positive changes and execute tangible solutions immediately and constantly through-out the year.

Our purpose is to inspire positive and better changes in quality of customer experience and employee happiness in workplace for businesses in Thailand by partnering with the latest, highly efficient, simple and fun technology of HappyOrNot

We firmly believe in uncovering the essence of human experience and that the combination of honesty, knowledge, and happiness will drive the quality of services and products in Thailand forward purposefully and continuously. 

Happy customers make happy business

HappyOrNot helps improve customer experience and satisfaction across all  business sectors with their intelligent service. Their worldwide data insights  become your company’s secret to customer experience and customer relationship management success.

To  differentiate yourself from your competitors, grow your profits, and become a retail market leader, it is vital to engage and listen to your customers. That’s where HappyOrNot come in.

This intelligent service has been utilized in many of the largest retail chains, services, transportation, healthcare, education, and corporates across the globe for years. It offers you an easy way to collect valuable and insightful feedback data from your customers, analyze current service performance, and gain intelligence to make strategic operational improvement decisions.

Through our Key Performance Indicator and management tools, you can also effortlessly measure customer centric KPIs like customer retention and customer satisfaction.






We are the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with our innovative feedback smileys. We deliver our clients world-class service on time – without exceptions.

Our broad experience in both European and US markets has enabled us to gather an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. Thanks to our vast insight from various industries and several global industry leaders, we have a firm background to help you increase your customer and employee happiness.


We have been developing innovative solutions, services, and tools to improve customer and employee satisfaction since 2009. 

Our service is already being used in 117 countries.

Our customer list includes more than 4000 leading retail and service chain organizations.



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