Capture customer feedback instantly


Improve customer & employee experience

Increase customer & employee satisfaction


Get the competitive advantage from data insights

Increase your business performance and sales

provides a system that guaranteed continuous
customer & employee satisfaction over 125

Smile Cortex Co., Ltd.

We are a Customer & Employee Satisfaction Consultant.

We deploy our attention to psychology empirical research and the unique nature of our client's business to create tailored improvement plans. 

We are Thailand's Authorized Reseller of a simple, powerful, and intelligent feedback collector system by HappyOrNot. 

Improve your customer and employee satisfaction with our wireless, always on smiley terminals. Our terminals are easy to set up at the point-of-experience – you don’t need power, cables, or Internet connection. Just ask your strategic survey question and instantly start collecting feedback.

Authorized Reseller

Who is HappyOrNot and what is Smiley Terminal?

Complete Service Package

Collecting Feedback

Capture the happiness levels of your customers and employees with our feedback collecting Smiley Terminals and Web Smileys.

Report & Analyze

Follow your result data and learn when and where to improve your business performance via our intelligent Reporting Service.

Improve & Advance

Share your results, show your success and grow your profits with improved customer and employee satisfaction!

We provide the business with the system that allows them to monitor their customers' perception towards provided services, and products so that they can improve their business in the right direction.

Our mission is to provide Customer and Employee Satisfaction consultancy using the principles of Psychology and cutting-edge technology.


We are simply a team of Customer Relations, Psychologist, and IT support who work seamlessly together with, happiness, dedication and honesty. 

#Honest #happy #Smart


“Feedback is breakfast of champions”

- Ken Blanchard -


Business Insights
We help improve customer experience and satisfaction across all  business sectors with our intelligent service. Our worldwide data insights  become your company’s secret to customer experience and customer relationship management success.

Retails & Services

Satisfied customers benefit your bottom line:

  • pend more during each visit – Basket size and revenue

  • Visit more often – Loyalty and churn

  • Recommend your brand – Referral and conversion rates


Improved traveler experience uplifts your operational performance:

  • Increases Global Ranking – Competitiveness

  • Attracts new travelers and passengers – Revenue and Growth

  • Improves image and reputation – Repeat travelers


Positive experiences enhance your healthcare success:

  • Improved quality of care – Patient retention

  • Attracts new professionals through improved image– Recruitment

  • Recommend your facilities to their friends and family– Referral rate

Employee Satisfaction

Stay on the pulse of your daily work atmosphere!

  • Daily Pulse & Long Term Development

  • High Participation Levels

  • Builds Trust through Transparency

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